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MyPic Finder


Do you ever find it challenging to look for your downloaded and saved photos in your computer?  I do!  Using AI image recognition technology, MyPic Finder makes it easier for you!  Easy to install, easy to use, and most importantly easier for you to search for your photos. 


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*Disclaimer:  This is a beta product. We are still planning on making major improvements such as facial recognition search. The speed of the search is highly influenced by the specs of the computer. If you are searching through 1000 images, the search to complete could range from 45 seconds all the way to 10 minutes. So, if the window says "not responding" and is loading for a long time just know that the app is still searching through the photos, but could take some time to finish. 

For now, this app can search for more than 1000 categories. Click here fore more details:

Speed Reading Trainer


Speed reading is a very useful skill for both work and leisure. However, it can be very difficult to master. Speed Reading Trainer enables you to read faster while maintaining the same amount of comprehension. 

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